Standing Wisely, not Standing Down

I’m surrounded. People are swirling around the room speaking a different language. Libby is petting my head. Rachel is picking up my leg. Hands are tangled in my hair and wrapped around my waist. I'm suffocating. Is this the end? BafaBafa is a cultural awareness activity we did during orientation to prepare us to travel … Continue reading Standing Wisely, not Standing Down

La familia- Family Values and Childhood

When people ask me what I learned over the trip, one of the biggest standouts to me is the importance of family in every country. Naturally, we chose that as our media project in Guatemala. We interviewed our host families and members of the community and made a video!

Advice from the พระภิกษุสงฆ์ (Monks): Turning Your River into a Pond.

Pra Ajarn Ti let out a hearty laugh. "If a guitar string is too tight, it might break. Too loose, it won't make a good sound. The right tension is the way to live the middle path in life." The middle path. The main teaching of Buddhism. The reason monks are so incredibly unbothered. In … Continue reading Advice from the พระภิกษุสงฆ์ (Monks): Turning Your River into a Pond.